Klarna launches Creator Shops and Ads Manager, expanding growth tools for retailers and creators globally

November 15, 2023

Klarna, the AI-driven global payments network and shopping assistant, has unveiled an expansion of its growth tools designed for retailers and creators. The objective is to enable these entities to connect with their audiences more effectively, ultimately enhancing the overall shopping experience for consumers. With a dedication to expediting commerce, Klarna's marketing and advertising solutions present new avenues for both large and small retailers to generate revenue, particularly during periods when additional support is sought to foster business growth, boost website traffic, and amplify sales.

David Sandstrom, CMO of Klarna, remarked on the development, stating, "By expanding our array of marketing and advertising solutions for retailers, Klarna's Creator Shops and Ads Manager are continually reshaping the company, transitioning it from a Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) entity into a strategic collaborator for growth and a prominent retail media network within the industry. Our extensive network, comprising over one million retail partners and creators globally, now has access to more robust methods for engaging Klarna's 150 million highly engaged shoppers. Simultaneously, consumers can relish a shopping experience that is more pertinent and personalized.

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