ThoughtSpot's new In-App Support boosts user confidence in handling data.

November 16, 2023

At the core of In-App Support's mission is ThoughtSpot's commitment to creating the most user-friendly experience for individuals across your organization, facilitating seamless interactions with data. Recognizing the challenges users face in the midst of problem-solving, report building, or seeking answers, the decision to invest in In-App Support was driven by a desire to alleviate these frustrations. 

The primary objective is straightforward: 

Ensuring every user feels confident and successful in their ThoughtSpot usage. Whether navigating formula creation, interpreting line charts, or modeling worksheets, the aim is to guide users through their business analytics journey successfully. In collaboration with Intercom, renowned for its intuitive UX and user-friendly design, ThoughtSpot integrated their technology into its product. This strategic partnership allows the customization of user workflows, delivering tailored support and targeted messaging for an exceptional In-App Support experience. Accessing In-App Support is made comprehensive, offering both live-chat assistance and an array of self-service resources. Users can initiate a conversation by clicking the blue messenger icon at the bottom right of the ThoughtSpot page. Whether opting for live chat or preferring solo exploration, users can delve into the knowledge base for answers. ThoughtSpot also adopts a proactive approach, reaching out when it detects a potential need for assistance. The goal is to strike the right balance in communication, offering support without overwhelming the user.

While ThoughtSpot respects user data privacy by not accessing individual data or data models, its product experts are dedicated to guiding users on maximizing the value extracted from their business data using ThoughtSpot. Ultimately, the mission of providing In-App Support is to relieve users of unnecessary burdens while making self-service resources easily accessible through comprehensive documentation, a community platform, and eLearning resources for those who prefer independent exploration.

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